About Bianca

Hiya, I’m Bianca. 

Knowing how to help and get you moving forward is what I do. Whatever your issue, whether it’s business, personal or something else I can help you get to where you want to be.

The truth is that you’re probably smart, you’ve probably tried things that didn’t work and potentially questioning whether anything can be done? I remember putting my trust in support that didn’t deliver, when I was stuck in the past. 

Then, when I decided to face up and hire a coach who pointed me in the right direction, I discovered: 

• Clarity – I became clear in who I was and what I actually wanted. More importantly I developed a plan to get there. I gained insight into myself, and the obstacles I put in the way for myself.

•  Confidence – By knowing myself and my limiting beliefs, I could identify my fears and my hope. I learnt what I was really capable of achieving, I discovered my value and also started really believing in myself so I wasn’t scared, intimidated or doubtful in who I was or what I could achieve, I felt confident in meetings and assertive to say what I thought as well as being much more open to criticism (after all, there is no such thing as failure – only feedback about how to get better – and I wanted to be the best I could be. The difference is that I chose to respond in a different way to the feedback rather than seeing it as not being good enough).

Zest for life – “Zest” is defined as living life with a sense of excitement, anticipation, and energy. Approaching life as an adventure; such that one has “motivation in challenging situations or tasks”. … Those who have zest exude enthusiasm, excitement and energy while approaching tasks in life.[Wikipedia] It’s exhausting working really hard to ‘achieve’ especially when you don’t see how far you’ve come and keep criticising yourself for not being good enough or doing well enough. I wanted to get out of bed looking forward to the day ahead with a spring in my step. I discovered my ‘zest’ and created my own energy bank that I could tap into when ever I noticed my spark fading.

Why Work With Me


With over 15 years experience in coaching Senior Manager and professionals from the public and private sector; I know what it takes to make change happen fast.


I have qualifications in Coaching, Counselling and Psychotherapy, NLP & Nutritional Therapy. It allows me to pull on a wide range of resources that other coach's don't have.


I have coached hundreds of people and had amazing results. See my Success Stories page for more information about client transformations and testimonials.


I've been told by my clients that I'm incredibly intuitive. This allows me to know that I'm pushing you in the right way at the right time so that you can achieve progress.


Who knew that change could be fun? I don't take myself too seriously. Our sessions are about getting you to where you want to be and laughing on the way.


In every session, for every client. I genuinely go above and beyond the norm to ensure that my clients get the results they want, as well as the ones they need.

My Story

So, telling you the long story of how I lost and regained my zest for life could take a while. Instead I’ll cut it short and tell you that there was a long period of my life, when I felt increasingly unhappy and unfulfilled. 

You don’t need to be in the gutter to know that something needs to change. You can feel it, can’t you? 

After working my way up for 7 years to become a high-level manager in logistics, I started questioning – what it was all about? 

You put your head down, aim for the next promotion. But when you get it, something is still missing, so you put your head down and aim for the next. However, if you are like me – how often do you put your head up and ask yourself – “Do I like the direction I’m going?”

The stress was invigorating initially, it was challenging, and I thought it was helping me become more successful. However, the high achievement/high stress environment started affecting me. I noticed there was a divide within my colleagues. Some were positive, happy and driven. Others, were despondent, depressed and defeated. I didn’t want that for myself. <br> I was also beginning to feel disillusioned, close to burn out and unappreciated. I realised I was heading in the wrong direction. 

It didn’t take long before I suffered burnout, I was confused and exhausted. I didn’t feel I was doing well at work, as a mum or as a wife. . And if you’re not seeing yourself as successful, what do you see yourself as? I saw myself as a failure.

Trying to balance my work and personal life became increasingly difficult. I couldn’t work the 12-15 hour days I had previously. I wanted to spend time with my husband.

When I became pregnant, I realised that something needed to change. 

After all, it wasn’t only me that my long hours and high stress was impacting. The difficulty in changing my expectations and that of my employer started negatively impacting my wellbeing and mental health. 

Was this the turning point for me?

Looking back at it I can firmly say ‘Yes’ but at the time it didn’t feel like it. 

You know how it is when you feel you’ve read every self-help book on how to improve your mood and wellbeing. Which I found to be great for understanding theory however there wasn’t one book that made me take the action necessary to actively make a change.

After trying counselling and CBT, I decided to see a life coach and that’s when the change really started happening. Coaching gave me the key which would allow me to change the reflection in the mirror to become the person I had the potential to be. To be who I truly was without the doubt and fears. I still see a life coach today!

Because I know that even as a coach myself, there will always be insights and solutions to help me with my progress that will fall into my blind spots. I’ve found it essential to maintaining and expanding my success). I love coaching as I like to think of it as a ‘selfie’ with no filter. 

I spent several years training in NLP and life coaching, counselling, psychotherapy, nutritional therapy as well as studying psychology, neuroscience and the mindset of successful and healthy living. Training in these modalities allows me to pull on the best mix of resources available for personal growth. 

The accumulation of training, research and experience has helped me formulate the coaching solution which I now use with clients all over the word. It allows them overcome their current plateau and grow from strength to strength without the risk of burnout. 

Now looking back, my drive to be successful is ultimately what generated my sense of failure. Telling myself I had to do better and push myself harder was like whipping a horse… eventually something is going to break.

When I learnt to channel my drive and ambition in a constructive way, I start achieving my full potential in a sustainable way. 

That is why I’m passionate about giving professional, ambitious women the tools they need to be successful in every area of their life before they reach breaking point. 

Since starting my coaching practice, I’ve received several coaching awards. However what is more important to me, is that I have been able to help hundreds of clients across the globe, tap back into their inner zest for life. 

My clients  will tell you that I’m intuitive, insightful, caring and positive. I am your advocate and I will help you lift yourself up when you are feeling challenged. I will help you identify the route of the problem that is holding you back so you can get the outcome you want. 

My process is easy and it just starts with a phone call. 

Thank you so much for reading.


“I see our sessions as something to look forward to!”

Bianca is exactly what she says she is. A life coach who helps you achieve your goals. I was so nervous and dreading my first session but Bianca put me at ease instantly now I see our sessions as something to look forward to because something positive always comes from them and I feel better then when I went in. It helps that Bianca is very funny too .I can't recommend her and the service she provides enough. Go for it!
Louise M