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Laura T

Chief Fundraising Manager


Bianca made me feel instantly at ease in our first session, and by the end I knew she was the right coach for me.

Bianca is highly knowledgeable, professional, super friendly, and extremely intuitive which I found fantastic. Because of the many skills Bianca possesses in her arsenal, she always gets to root cause and offers fantastic tools for you take away with you and apply to everyday life.

I’ve seen counsellors and psychotherapists in the past (who are very good don’t get me wrong) but I’d never tried Coaching before. I have never felt more “Me” in the last few months of seeing Bianca, than I have in 34 years!


client image

Chris H

Construction Entrepreneur


I’ve been having sessions with Bianca for a while now and have re-discovered myself and my personality has flourished after years of being in an unhappy relationship.

She challenges your ways of thinking often ways you’ve been ‘comfortable’ with for years, but without realising that they’re not helping you or helping you to get where you want to be.

All aspects of my life have improved because of my renewed sense of self worth and confidence and Bianca has helped me immeasurably with this, I can’t recommend life coaching enough.


Molly J

Office Manager


I can’t recommend Bianca enough. I made the decision to start coaching when everything started to feel very overwhelming and I was struggling to deal with it all in a healthy way.

I was so nervous to start with, I didn’t really know what to expect. Bianca made me feel so calm and safe and that I mattered. She has helped me put everything into perspective and has given me so many valuable tools that I can use for any situation life throws at me.  

If you’re feeling anxious about starting coaching and perhaps nervous about being vulnerable, I 100% recommend speaking to Bianca.


Jackie B

Solicitor & Business Owner


I had no idea what to expect and I was so surprised at how much I got out of it – I would highly recommend it! I then went on to have a one on one session to help me with a phobia – to be honest, I’m amazed to say that the session actually worked!!

I have been in 2 situations now where my phobia has been ‘tested’ and I can’t believe how calm I was – thank you so so much Bianca!!

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Chris D

Quantity Surveyor


Bianca is absolutely fantastic. She made me feel right at ease straight away and has been very supportive in helping me work through challenges both during and outside of our sessions.


Sarah M

Senior Manager


Bianca helped me in so many ways. I initially went to see her with confidence and anxiety problems. 

I heard from a friend that Bianca was brilliant and she was. In a short period of time I found ways to manage and get rid of my anxiety. I know it sounds silly but I honestly think she saved my life, I was so sad and insecure about myself and my life before seeing her. Now I feel like a new, much stronger person. I can’t recommend her enough.

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