The Turning Point

The Turning Point is for anyone wishing to take that vital first step to unlocking who they know deep down they could always be. If you’re knew to the world of coaching and personal growth, then this is easily the right package for you.

This programme is completed over a 6 week period giving you the necessary time to understand exactly where you are currently in your own life and creating the plan of action to take you to where you want to be. However most importantly….This is not coaching theory…These 6 weeks are action based.

In the 80 minute induction, we will map out the plan and structure of the following session, so there are clear expectations and clear results.
After the initial induction, together we’ll work 1:1 on a weekly basis for 60 minutes to develop the tools and strategies to manage the pressures of your life. At the end of the 6 weeks, you won’t “know” on paper what you’re capable of, you’ll be experiencing it.

Your 'Turning Point' Package Includes:

80 Minute Package Inductio8

This induction allows us to explore where your starting point so that we can gauge where you are now in conjunction with your goals.

5 x Coaching Sessions

This involves a 60 minute session for 5 consecutive weeks on a 1:1 basis via zoom or at my Plymouth practice.

Coaching Tools & Resources

Results proven coaching tools, homework tasks and feedback so you can take great steps outside of our sessions.

Coaching Portal

Unlimited access to my all in one coaching portal where you can easily book your sessions, access extra resources and contact me anytime.

Ready for the Next Level?

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Let's Make Now a Turning Point in Your Life

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