The Success Solution

This is by far the favourite and most transformational package I offer. This programme is a 12 months long and only for clients who are looking to make a total transformation in every area of their life.

If you’re looking to dip your toe into the world of change then this is not the package for you but instead for those who are truly ready to jump head first into living their life as all they can be…and not look back. I’ve found realistically that it takes 3 months for people’s attitudes to change from “this is something that I do” to “this is just who I am”, with a further 3 months to embed the changes.

However, life isn't static, and throws challenges at us on a daily basis. The 12 month program allows you to build structure and on-going strategies in your life so you always have time to work on YOU by being proactive.
This session starts with with 'reflection and review' where we will build a plan, giving you enough time to initiate and develop new habits, attitudes and beliefs in order to move you towards your unique definition of success.

Do you have a definition of success? Now let us gain some clarity and turn that into a reality.

Your "Success Solution" Package Includes:

120 Minute Package Induction

This is a detailed induction exploring every area of your life so we can ensure that you grow in every facet of your life achieving better all round balance.

25 x Coaching Sessions

High impact, transformational 60 minute sessions on a 1:1 basis via zoom or at my Devon practice. As new thinking styles and coping mechanisms have formed, the sessions will continue to ensure that progress is maintained. You will have time to yourself, for you, to focus on how you continue to create your successful life.

Premium Coaching Tools & Resources

Access to results proven coaching tools, personalised homework tasks and feedback so you can take great steps outside of our sessions.

Success Recognition Award

Taking time out to review, reflect and fully appreciate the progress that you've made and build a firmer foundation for further growth.

Personal Life & Work Assessment

The point of my role is to eventually make myself redundant. You'll be given the separate the tools essential to becoming your own coach so that your progress continues after our sessions.

Unlimited Email Access

This speeds up progress exponentially ensuring that you have your coach available between sessions as and when you wish.

Weekly Coaching Action Report

You'll be sent detailed reports of all of the outcomes and action tasks from our sessions for as well as recordings of the session if you wish for that to be taken.

Awareness Action Tasks

A unique set of actions between our sessions to raise your self awareness in order to speed up your personal growth.

Coaching Portal

Unlimited access to my all in one coaching portal where you can easily book your sessions, access extra resources and contact me anytime.

More options?

If you're really serious about taking ownership of your personal growth; why not look at my other coaching packages and see which is best for you?

Let's Unlock Your Personal Success

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